open social network - osn

What is the Open Social Network (OSN / OpenSN) standard ?

Open Social Network (also known as OSN and OpenSN) helps people convert social network profiles from one system to another.

Open Social Network is an Open Standard for an intermediary format that a growing number of social network profiles can be converted to & from.

The Open Social Network specification refers to the interchange format - a method of representing online profile data.

Open Social Network has been used by since October 2006 to manage, track, and analyze online identities. In October 2007, 50MM+ online profiles were stored and analyzed in Open Social Network native format.

Open Social Network was introduced as Open Social Network in 2006 and began to use abbrreviation OpenSN in conjunction with the the full name. Open Social Network is now migrating our abbreviation to OSN to make better use of programming namespace.

schema installation

Note: 2007/11/11: All schemas tested to work on psql (PostgreSQL) 8.1.0

$ psql -Upostgres 
postgres=# CREATE USER opensocialnetwork WITH PASSWORD 'opensocialnetwork';
postgres=# CREATE DATABASE opensocialnetwork WITH OWNER opensocialnetwork;
$ psql -Uopensocialnetwork opensocialnetwork < VERSION.sql